18273 Diploma in hearing device prescription and evaluation

Course notes and readings

This course is a pathway to the HLT51307 Diploma of Hearing Device Prescription and Evaluation, which is a qualification of the Health Training Package, HLT07.
The qualification provides the skills and knowledge to work as an audiometrist or hearing aid audiometrist who screen for and assess the degree of any hearing impairment, and take appropriate action based on the test results. Such actions could include referral for further audiological or medical assessment, prescribing and dispensing hearing aids and/or other listening devices that can assist in hearing rehabilitation.

In addition, work may be undertaken with clients and their carers in hearing health education programs to maximise the participation of hearing impaired people in aspects of personal and community activities. Audiometrists at this level prescribe and dispense hearing aid technology and assist with rehabilitation excluding implantable devices such as cochlear implants and bone
anchored hearing aids. They may work within larger audiology services, or in general or specialist medical practices, or operate as independent practitioners.

Graduates are able to:
• demonstrate understanding of a broad knowledge base incorporating theoretical concepts, with substantial depth in some areas;
• analyse and plan approaches to technical problems or management requirements;
• transfer and apply theoretical concepts and/or technical or creative skills to a range of situations;
• evaluate information, using it to forecast for planning or research purposes;
• take responsibility for own outputs in relation to broad quantity and quality parameters; and
• take some responsibility for the achievement of group outcomes.

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